The following download links are password protected. Gaussian is available for no charge to Penn Chemistry researchers (click here for password request only if you are a Penn Chemistry researcher). The installation instructions are in a readme file and it is recommended that you have experience with Linux/UNIX to be able to install it. If you do not have such experience, you may access a pre-installed version of Gaussian 16 using a GPC WebMO account. All other Penn researchers (PennMed, SEAS, Nursing, Wharton, etc) can obtain Gaussian for $250 per user per version by contacting Non-Penn researchers should contact for their own license.

Gaussian for Mac

Gaussian for Linux

Gaussian for Windows



  • How can I have GaussView on my Mac look at Gaussian results from the GPC?
    Please refer to this document for details.
  • Where canĀ I learn more about GaussView?
    Please refer to this page for details.
  • Where can I learn more about Gaussian16?
    Please refer to this page for details. There is also a textbook you can order here. If learning from videos is your thing, go here.
  • Where may I learn more about the various basis sets available in Gaussian?
    Please refer to this page for details.
  • What the heck is a DFT, or Density Functional Method?
    Please refer to this page for details.