What is your policy on recycling?

Penn Chemistry Computing is an advocate of environmentally-friendly recycling practices. Our department has a recycling area on the I-level of the freight elevator where you can deposit old electronic equipment, such as —  printers, phones, appliances, and printer toner cartridges.

For recycling computers, we recommend disposing them with Chemistry Computing in the case we will be able to wipe old data from the computer before recycling.

Where do I deposit old electronic equipment?

Old electronic equipment, including printers, phones, and appliances can be placed on the metal rack seen here. The rack is located just off the freight elevator on the I-level.

Computers can be arranged for a drop-off at the Chemistry Computing office in Chem ’73 116. 

If there are any questions on how to dispose of old electronic equipment, please write in to help@chem.upenn.edu


Where do I deposit used or new but no usable printer toner cartridges?

Used or new but not usable printer toner cartridges can be deposited in the large recycle bin seen here. The bin is located just off the freight elevator on the I-level.

Still have a question not answered here? Contact our ChemIT support staff.