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The number of the room where the machine resides.
Enter what you would like the machine to be named. If it's a personal machine, we suggest using your last name. Up to 10 characters with no spaces and all lowercase.
The serial number of the machine (in cases of Dell equipment, this would be the 7-digit Dell Service Tag)
The ID of the wallplate that the machine will be connected to — for example, CHM 249-1-U1. If you are connecting to a hub or switch, enter 'hub'.
The manufacturer name and model number of the machine — for example, Dell Latitude or Apple Macbook Pro.
The physical/hardware address of the machine — click for instructions to see how to obtain it on a Mac, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10. The address should be in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Please describe what the machine will be used for.

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