Digestive System Text 2








Chinese Part of Speech Pinyin English
糯米 (n) nuòmǐ glutinous rice
馅料 (n xiànliào stuffing
胀痛 (v) zhàngtòng to have a distending pain
打嗝 (v) dǎgé to hiccup
胃酸 (n) wèisuān gastric acid
急诊 (n) jízhěn emergency treatment
胃炎 (n) wèiyán gastritis
消化 (v) xiāohuà to digest
溃疡 (n) kuìyáng ulcer
吞咽 (v) tūnyàn to swallow
清淡 (adj) qīngdàn light
胆结石 (n) dǎn jiéshí gallstone
胆囊 (n) dǎnnáng gallbladder
胰腺 (n) yíxiàn pancreas


Text (2): Can we have zongzi for breakfast?

During the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese people like to eat zongzi. Zongzi is made of sticky rice with various fillings. Many people like to eat zongzi, and eat zongzi as breakfast every day, which is very harmful to the body.

Mr. Wang, who is from Beijing, had a zongzi for breakfast, but before noon, he felt stomach pain, hiccups and acid from time to time. At the hospital emergency room, it turned out to be acute gastritis. Experts remind us that zongzi is made of sticky rice. If it is put in the refrigerator at night and eaten without heating in the morning, it is not healthy.

It takes at least six hours for food to be digested from the stomach to the intestine. Zongzi is made of sticky rice, not easy to digest. If you eat zongzi for breakfast, it stays in the stomach for a longer time, stimulates gastric acid secretion and may lead to chronic stomach disease or gastric ulcer disease. Although zongzi can be eaten cold, it will be relatively hard. It is recommended to take it out of the refrigerator and heat it up before eating. It is important to note that you should never eat zongzi before you go to bed otherwise it will not be easy to digest if it stays in your stomach all night.

Experts suggest that when eating zongzi, it is best to drink tea and water at the same time to help swallowing and digestion. Eat less each time and choose small zongzi. At the same time, choose zongzi that are a little lighter. If the person that has stomach troubles wants to eat zongzi, they can choose rice zongzi without adding sugar. For patients with gallstones, cholecystitis and pancreatitis, it is recommended not to eat meat dumplings. They may cause dyspepsia and lead to an acute attack of the disease.