Endocrine System Text 1









Chinese Part of Speech Pinyin English
更年期 (n) gēngniánqī menopause
唠叨 (v) láodao to nag
青春期 (n) qīngchūnqī puberty
激素 (n) jīsù hormone
雌激素 (n) cíjīsù estrogen
第二性征 (n) dì-èr xìngzhēng secondary sex characteristic
分歧 (n) fēnqí difference (of opinion)
潮热 (n) cháorè hot flash


Text (1): When adolescence hits menopause.

Xiao Lin has been in a bad mood recently. Her quarrels with her mother have become almost a routine. She said that her mother is now a typical climacteric woman who loses her temper at the slightest trifle and keeps on nagging. But Xiao Lin’s father also found that Xiao Lin, since entering junior high school, has not been as obedient as when she was a child.

In fact, Xiao Lin and her mother, respectively, are in two special age stages, adolescence and menopause. The common feature of these two stages is emotional instability, which is mainly attributed to changes in hormones in the body. When children enter adolescence, their growth hormone and sex hormone secretion is increased. When women enter menopause, the ovarian function begins to degrade and estrogen secretion is decreased. Hormone changes bring a series of physiological and psychological changes.

Adolescent children experience rapid changes in height, shape and tone. The secondary sexual characteristics begin to mature and enhance self-awareness. This is a time when differences with their parents are exaggerated and sometimes they will go deliberately against their parents’ ideas.

Women in menopause experience hormonal changes which have a great impact. The stability of the nervous system and mental activity is weakened, leading to the body’s decreased ability to adapt to the environment. Hot flashes, sweating, headache, dizziness, memory decline, sleep disorders and other symptoms are produced. Women in menopause will also be more sensitive to a variety of mental factors so that there are mood swings.  Menopause may also induce a variety of diseases.

Therefore, when puberty goes against menopause, the most important thing is for both parties to understand and tolerate each other, because this is all caused by hormones in the body.