Mental Health Text 1



“总觉得她只是老糊涂,哪想到会这样!” 在医院,刘先生守着因自杀而生命垂危的老伴,后悔不已……





Chinese Part of Speech Pinyin English
老糊涂 (adj) lǎohútu doited
生命垂危 (adj) shēngmìng chuíwēi at death’s door
记忆力 (n) jìyìlì memory
脱发 (v) tuōfà to lose hair
老年斑 (n) lǎoniánbān age pigment; senile plaque
震颤 (v) zhènchàn to tremble
脑溢血 (n) nǎoyìxuè cerebral hemorrhage
空巢 (n) kōngcháo empty nest


Text (1): Don’t Ignore “Old Fool”

“I always think she’s just an old fool. I didn’t expect that!” In the hospital, Mr. Liu watched his wife, who was dying after a suicide attempt, regretting that …

In our daily life, we occasionally see some elderly people with strange personalities, fading memory, lethargy and no interest in anything. Some people may even have skin atrophy, alopecia, senile plaques, blurred vision, hearing loss and tremors of hands and feet. These phenomena are often attributed to “getting older”, “being confused”, “old children”, etc., which cannot be taken seriously. However, experts point out that the above are typical symptoms of mental illness in old age.

The causes of mental illness in the elderly come from roughly three aspects: First, the aging of brain cells. As you get older, various organs of the human body gradually decline, especially the decline of brain cells which is more obvious, causing the elderly to slow down the reaction to things. If it is serious, it will appear as senile dementia. Cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases are also common. Also, preexisting diseases can affect the elderly. Many elderly people have suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases for many years and suffered great mental and physical pain. Third, pressure from the outside world. Many senior citizens have nothing to do at home after leaving their jobs, resulting in feelings of loss and uselessness. Some of them belong to the “empty nest” elderly, and their loneliness is unbearable. The above three reasons will seriously affect the spirit of the elderly.

Therefore, children should give their parents more care and love. They should go home often and try to meet their needs, so that the parents can enjoy a healthy old age.