Skin Text 1



30岁的小李最怕夏天, 天气一热,她的皮肤病就会发作,得让她无法忍受。为什么夏天是皮肤病的高发季节?这与夏天的气候特点有关。





Chinese Part of Speech Pinyin English
(adj) yǎng itchy
真菌 (n) zhēnjūn fungus
繁殖 (v) fánzhí to breed, to reproduce
螨虫 (n) mǎnchóng mite
皮炎 (n) píyán dermatitis
诱发 (v) yòufā to induce
瘙痒 (adj) sāoyǎng itching
晒斑 (n) shàibān sunburn
患者 (n) huànzhě patient
(v) zhuā to scratch
缓解 (v) huǎnjiě to relieve
恶化 (v) èhuà to worsen
滥用 (v) lànyòng to abuse
毒副反应 (n) dú fù fǎnyìng toxic and side effect
正规 (adj) zhèngguī standard
对症治疗 (v) duìzhèng zhìliáo to give symptomatic treatment


Text (1): prevention of skin diseases in summer

30-year-old Xiao Li is most afraid of summer. The weather is hot, and her skin disease will flare up causing her itching to be unbearable. Why is summer the high incidence season of dermatosis? This is related to the climatic characteristics of summer.

In summer, the climate is humid, which is suitable for fungal growth and reproduction. Mosquitoes, mites and others are more active, making it easy to cause fungal skin diseases and insect-bite dermatitis. Hot weather in summer, and human body capillary expansion, will see more allergic substances absorbed into the body, inducing or aggravating allergic dermatitis. The above three skin diseases can make people feel itchy. In addition, the strong sun is also easy to cause solar dermatitis, that is, sunburn.

Some bad habits may lead to skin disease aggravation. Many patients with skin diseases will scratch the skin, or wash the skin with soap. These practices not only fail to alleviate the symptoms, but may make the situation worse. Some patients eat such foods as seafood, wine, coffee, chili, which can aggravate the degree of allergy. There are also patients who are eager to treat diseases and abuse drugs, but the disease cannot be alleviated as a result, and toxic and side reactions may occur.

In short, the cause of skin disease is very complex. Anyone who has had a skin disease, should make regular hospital visits, identify the cause of the disease and begin symptomatic treatment.