Vestibulocochlear Organs Text 1









Chinese Part of Speech Pinyin English
耳鸣 (v) ěrmíng tinnitus
(adj) long deaf
突发性 (adj) tūfāxìng sudden
听阈 (n) tīngyù auditory threshold
分贝 (n) fēnbèi decibel
征兆 (n) zhēngzhào sign,omen
眩晕 (v) xuànyūn to feel dizzy
呕吐 (v) ǒutù to vomit
上火 (v) shànghuǒ to suffer from excessive internal heat
永久性 (adj) yǒngjiǔxìng permanent
(v) zhái to stay indoors
电话粥 (n) diànhuàzhōu long telephone conversation
鼻窦炎 (n) bídòuyán nasosinusitis
中耳炎 (n) zhōng’ěryán otitis media


Text (1): Why do people suddenly lose their hearing?

Ms. Lin has been busy at work recently. Whenever she feels tired, she often suffers from tinnitus for several minutes. Two weeks ago, she suddenly found out that her left ear was “deaf”. After seeking medical treatment, she was diagnosed with sudden deafness, and the hearing threshold of her left ear was 85 decibels (The hearing threshold of a normal person should be less than 25 decibels. A smaller value gives better hearing).

Sudden deafness refers to the sudden occurrence of hearing loss without any clear cause or symptom and the loss of hearing within a short period of time. The disease is often found in a single ear, and most often is in school-age children and elderly patients. Sudden deafness occurs very quickly and is often accompanied by vertigo, tinnitus, vomiting and other symptoms. The patients, confused by these symptoms, blindly treat it as colds or excessive internal heat, losing the best treatment opportunity and eventually leading to permanent deafness and regret for the rest of their lives.

Although the etiology has not been clarified in the medical field, through clinical observation, doctors believe that sudden deafness is likely to occur when the weather changes and when the human body is overworked or emotional.

In recent years, younger people are becoming increasingly prone to sudden deafness. If you stay at home all day listening to music, surfing the Internet, talking on the phone, or going to KTV or bars for entertainment, your hearing could be impaired. At the same time, overwork and work pressure have gradually become a killer of young and middle-aged white-collar professionals’ hearing.

Experts remind that people should avoid long-term exposure to high decibel noise. When listening to music with headphones, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous listening time should not exceed 1 hour. At the same time, one should pay attention to the prevention of colds, sinusitis and other diseases, to avoid causing otitis media and other ear diseases.