Tour Date Destination Activities
May 12-13 Depart PHL
May 14 Sa Arrive in Beijing
May 15 S Beijing Orientation, Mongol legacies in Beijing, tour of city sights: Forbidden City, hutongs
May 16 M Beijing Session 1: History of Beijing
May 17 T  Beijing Session 2: Development issues: urbanization
May 18 W Beijing Session 3: Development issues: environment
May 19 Th Beijing to Ulaanbataar Research project work, flight to Mongolia
May 20 F Ulaanbataar Orientation, Session 4: History of Ulaanbaatar
May 21 Sa Ulaanbaatar Trip to the countryside, overnight at national park
May 22 S Ulaanbaatar Tour of Ulaanbaatar sights, suburban ger camps
May 23 M Ulaanbaatar Session 5: Development issues: urbanization
May 24 T Ulaanbaatar Session 6: Development issues: environment
May 25 W Ulaanbaatar Research project work
May 26 Th Ulaanbaatar to Beijing Travel and Research presentation prep
May 27 F Beijing Presentation reception, Beijing
May 28 Sa Beijing Optional Beijing tour #2, self-guided sightseeing
May 29 S Depart Beijing for U.S.
May 30 M Arrive PHL

A Tale of Two Capitals Schedule (pdf)