CHIN 0231 Beginning Cantonese II (formerly CHIN 042)


CHIN 0131


Textbook: Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners, Routledge, 2010 (2nd edition)



Ms. Yan Huang (


Course Descriptions

A continuation of Beginning Cantonese I, this class is a preliminary course for spoken Cantonese. Based on Beginning Cantonese I, the course provides more fundamental aspects of the dialect as experienced in daily life situations and enables students to communicate in Cantonese for daily life needs. Students learn some more complex Cantonese sentence patterns while adding more everyday vocabulary to improve their listening and speaking skills. They also delved into content such as telling different rooms and places, giving and following directions, learning different verb tenses, giving and receiving praise for housework, ordering food, discussing the weather and comparisons, buying clothes and sharing travel experiences. Through this course, students are able to develop more topics that are needed in daily life.


Sample Text (Entry):

Léih táai, néih sīnsāang hái bīndouh a?

Ngóh sīnsāang juhng hái gūngsī hōigán wúi. Kéuih daaihyeuk chat dímjūng jauh fāan lèih ga laak.

Gám, néih bàhbā tùhng màhmā nē?

Ngóh màhmā hái chyùhfóng jyūgán faahn, ngóh bàhbā jauh hái kéuih gāan fóng táigán dignsihn. (From Lesson 8 《Kéuihdeih jouh gán mātyéh? 》)


Sample Text (Exit): 

néih yáuh móuh heuigwo jūnggwok a?

yauh a, ngóh heui gwo jūnggwok.

Néih heui gwo géidō chi jūnggwok a?

Ngóh heui gwo léuhng chi.

Néih géisìh heui ga?

Ngóh chìhnnín heui gwo yāt chi, gauhnín heui gwo yāt chi.

Néih jeui jūngyi heui bīndou léuihàhng?

Ngóh hóu jūngyi yahtbún. Gódouh dī fūnggíng hóu leng, jāuwàih dōu hóu gōnjehng, dī yàhn hóuhóu, hóu yáuh láihmaauh, bātgwo máaih yéh hóu gwai. (From Lesson 14 《Léuihhàhng》)