CHIN 0333+CHIN 0433 Intermediate Taiwanese I & II (Formerly CHIN 151+ CHIN 152)


CHIN 0233 



Taiwanese Course Packet-Selected dialogues, short stories and essays from various materials 

Such as: 

Business Taiwanese by Shou-li Wu, Zili publisher 

Ho-Lo Oe/Ping-tong District Government 

Speaking Taiwanese Easily/Fang Nanchiang 



Grace Wu 


Course Descriptions 

Intermediate Taiwanese courses is specially designed for students at intermediate-low to intermediate-high (ACTFL) speaking and listening level. Production of grammatically correct language in appropriate social context. Through the courses, the students will acquire a better understanding of Taiwanese and its related business culture, and can confidently cope with a wide range of situations such as business introduction, setting up an appointment, exchanging names, visiting a company, dinning invitation, buying cars, new product, credit investigation and inquiring after someone’s profession. Taiwanese pop culture, short stories, essays, news and poetry will also be introduced. 


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