CHIN 0400 Intermediate Chinese II (formerly CHIN 112)


CHIN 0300 or the instructor’s permission



A New China (《新的中国》), Chou Chih-p’ing et al. Princeton University Press, 2011.



Ms. Xiaomeng Zhang (


Course Descriptions:

This course is the continuing course for CHIN 0300. This course aims to help students gain a better understanding of contemporary Chinese society through learning its language and culture. Linguistically, students will be introduced to longer texts with a more formal writing style. By completing this course, students are expected to reach intermediate-mid level based on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Topics introduced in this course include forms of addressing people, traffic and transportation, leisure life, face-saving culture, dining etiquette, and Chinese food culture.  This course also meets the needs of students with an interest in traveling or studying in China or other Mandarin-speaking areas in the future.


Sample Text (Entry):

其实,“同志”是有中国特色的。用“小姐”和“先生”,表面上是现代化了,但是却不能表现中国社会的特点了。我很怀念“同志”这个词儿。(From Lesson 11 《同志、小姐、先生》)


Sample Text (Exit):

在美国汽车得让行人先走,而在中国行人却得让汽车。这是我在日常生活中最不习惯的事。在北京虽然也有斑马线,也有红绿灯,可是好像起不了什么作用。我真希望北京开车的人都能遵守交通规则,多为行人想想。(From Lesson 21 《过马路真危险》)