CHIN 0410 Intensive Intermediate Chinese I-II (formerly CHIN 022)


CHIN 0200, CHIN 0210 or the instructor’s permission



A New China (《新的中国》), Chou Chih-p’ing et al. Princeton University Press, 2011.



Mr. Chih-jen Lee (


Course Descriptions:

This course is an intensive intermediate course designed for students who plan to complete intermediate-level Chinese courses in one semester instead of two. It is equivalent to the non-intensive intermediate courses CHIN 0300 and CHIN 0400 combined. The main objective of this course is to consolidate the foundation and to introduce more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary. It also aims to enhance students’ understanding of modern Chinese society, people, and their everyday life through learning its language and culture. Linguistically, students will be introduced to longer texts with a more formal writing style. By completing this course, students are expected to reach intermediate-mid level based on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Topics covered in this course include first impressions of China, Chinese college life, Chinese customs and lifestyle, traffic and transportation in China, bargaining culture, Chinese leisure life, food culture, dining etiquettes, etc.


Sample Text (Entry):

北京给我的第一个印象是海关的检查很松,没有我想的那么严。从机场到城里的高速公路又宽又平,非常现代化。这和我想象中古老的北京完全不同。(From Lesson 1 《到了北京》)


Sample Text (Exit):

在美国汽车得让行人先走,而在中国行人却得让汽车。这是我在日常生活中最不习惯的事。在北京虽然也有斑马线,也有红绿灯,可是好像起不了什么作用。我真希望北京开车的人都能遵守交通规则,多为行人想想。(From Lesson 21 《过马路真危险》)