CHIN 0805 Advanced Spoken Chinese II (formerly CHIN 372)


CHIN 0700 or teacher permission



No textbook



Dr. Ye Tian (


Course Descriptions:

This course is designed for students who have completed at least the intermediate level Chinese language course (CHIN-0600) at the University of Pennsylvania, or have studied the language for at least three years. The objective of this course is to consolidate the knowledge and skills students have acquired from previous Mandarin Chinese classes and to enhance their oral expressive skills and China knowledge by using Chinese authentic materials such as Chinese movies, news, websites, podcasts. Themes of the course include religion, race and immigration, foreign policies, family relations, gay marriage, abortion, gun control, health insurance, and sci-fi movies. In addition, the course stresses on connecting students’ Chinese language and China knowledge with their academic majors and minors. Students will be challenged to give presentations on the topics in their academic studies.

This course is ideal for students with tight schedule or just coming back from study abroad. By the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to carry on a conversation with a Mandarin speaker on various common topics, and to gather information necessary for conducting oral presentations and speeches. Students’ presentational and conversational skills are strengthened and they gain confidence in with working with Chinese authentic materials.

This course CANNOT be used to fulfill language requirement, but you can use either this course OR CHIN 371 Advanced Spoken Mandarin I to get the Language Certificate.


Sample Text (Entry):

中国人信仰的宗教主要是佛教和道教,也有人信仰基督教及其他的一些宗教。也有许多人不相信任何宗教,他们不相信世界上真的会有鬼神和上帝。其实信不信宗教没有什么关系。佛经、道经、圣经里讲的,教堂牧师说的,无非都是要人多做好事不做坏事。(From Topic 2 《世界宗教》)


Sample Text (Exit):

从报纸上登的消息看,中国的公安机关也花费了很大的力气来打击毒品的贩卖和吸食,我知道大陆的法律对贩毒,吸毒是很严厉的,最高的刑罚一直可以到死刑。大陆有些人为了吸毒而盗窃,抢劫,甚至杀人,所以我想贩毒是一种严重的犯罪,不管哪个国家,都是要严厉打击的。(From Topic 9《毒品问题》)