CHIN 0860 Business Chinese I (formerly CHIN 381)


CHIN 0620, CHIN 0800 or the instructor’s permission



Business Chinese: Winning Strategies 商务中文案例教程, by Shi Zhongqi, China Translation & Publishing Corp, 2015.

“柯达的中国之路” from Business Chinese for Success: Real Cases from Real Companies 成功之道, 1st edition by Fangyuan Yuan, Peking University Press, 2005.



Dr. Jiajia Wang (


Course Description:

This course is aimed to enhance students’ language skills in a business context and to promote their understanding of the business environment and culture in contemporary China by studying real business cases. The forms of classes include linguistic practices, analysis of business cases, student presentations, and group projects. This class will be conducted primarily in Chinese and students are expected to speak Chinese only during the class meetings. By the end of the semester, students are expected to (a) gain vocabulary and fluency in Chinese to function more confidently and comfortably in international business settings; (b) enhance their awareness of the contemporary Chinese market and the Chinese business world; (c) be able to research and interpret business news and information in Chinese. Topics introduced in this course include globalization, market segmentation, marketing strategies, merger, and acquisition.


Sample Text (Entry): Unit 1 肯德基:全力打造中国人的快餐



Sample Text (Exit): 补充课文:柯达的中国之路 (成功之道 第6单元)