CHIN 0870 Media Chinese (formerly CHIN 361)


CHIN 0520 (231), CHIN 0620 (232), CHIN 0800 (312), CHIN 0805 (372)



Reading Chinese News online (《汉语新闻在线阅读教程》), Peking University Press.



Dr. Mien-Hwa Chiang (


Course Descriptions:

This advanced level literacy course is designed for students who have completed CHIN 0520 (231), CHIN 0620 (232), CHIN 0800 (312), CHIN 0805 (372) at Penn, or have studied the language for at least four years with the equivalent of advanced-low to advanced-mid level proficiency. Through reading and analyzing online Chinese news reports, the objectives of this course are to provide students the opportunities  to: 1) become proficient in Chinese news reading and viewing; 2) understand style, lexical features, and organization of news style prose; 3) report and give comments on current affairs happening in China; 4) use major Chinese news websites, YouTube videos and other media for information gathering and research, 5) understand China’s media industry and discuss China’s media censorship system; (6) recognize and evaluate how a news story is reported differently in official and non-official as well as domestic and overseas news websites; 7) familiarize useful websites for academic/professional interests.


Sample Text (Entry):

自 20 世纪 90 年代中期商业化运作以来,互联网在全球得到了迅速的发展。互联网已成为今天重要的传播形态,并成为人类生活不可或缺的一部分。(From Lesson 1《新闻网站》)


Sample Text (Exit):

电影是反映社会现实的一面镜子。让更多的意大利人了解中国、加强中、意两国在电影文化领域的交流与合作,是他们举办这次电影展的主要目的。(From Lesson 12 《娱乐新闻》)