CHIN 1040 & 1045 Readings in Modern Chinese Literature I & II (formerly CHIN 411 & 412)


CHIN 0800-level



Selected short stories and essays by 20th-century Chinese writers.


Course Description

These two courses are designed for students who have completed a minimum of four years of college level Mandarin classes or equivalent. They can be taken in reverse order. The objectives of the courses are three-fold: 1) to facilitate the development of students’ advanced reading and writing proficiency; 2) to help students gain an in-depth, multi-faceted and non-judgmental perspective of Chinese people, society and culture; and 3) to develop students’ analytical and critical thinking skills when evaluating literary works. These objectives are achieved primarily through close reading and discussion of original literary texts by 20th– century Chinese writers. The reading texts are diverse in terms of time, location and ideology. Six broadly-defined topics are covered in the two courses: family and kinship, education (tradition and ideology), women and equality, love, sexuality and marriage, “face” and rule by law, political movements and human nature.


Sample Text: