Lecture 4 “Game-changing Tricks to Combat Stress in College”–Hear from your alumni, what they wish they knew

Let Matthew’s legacy live on.

Ryan Komori


Dr. Yong-Tong Li, MD

Dr. Yong-Tong Li is a board certified psychiatrist and a fellow of the
American Psychiatric Association. She is a counseling psychiatrist at the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) of the University of Pennsylvania for more than 17 years.

Ryan Komori, W’07

3rd-time founder & Inc 30 Under 30 recipient

Grew prior mobile gaming company to >$100MM revenue with only $10K in funding

Current company, Savor Lining, is pioneering Organizational Mental Fitness https://www.savorlining.com/

Like most Asian Americans, he worked himself to death, but to the point where he suffered from over a decade of unrecognizable depression and psychological trauma.  It almost took his life, and he ended up in the ER and spent 8 weeks in UCLA’s neuropsychiatric hospital.

Atthena Breitton, W’08

Former Investment Banker

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Healer & Wellness Advocate

The 4th Mental Health Lecture in the 2022 Penn Mental Health Wellness Series concluded with a great success. During the talk, the speakers shared their expertise on how to combat stress in college and their very own mental health journey. Around 150 students joined the talk and shared their experience and struggles in dealing with mental health issues. Through various interactive activities and moments of self-reflection, students were able to get more aware of their core values, to recognize their boundaries and warning signs for unhealthy boundaries, and to practice how to carry out assertive communication.