STARTALK 2018 Chinese Teacher Advancement Program

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July 22-August 3, 2018 at the University of Pennsylvania “One Belt, One Road”

The STARTALK-Penn Chinese Teacher Advancement Program is a teacher enrichment program to provide STARTALK-approved training to fifteen K-12 Chinese language teachers for career advancement. This two-week program will be from July 22 to August 3, daily Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, followed by two post-program meetings: one in October as continuing “One Belt, One Road” (一带一路, OBOR) lesson plan discussion meeting and one in December as a capstone event showcasing student products/learning results of each participant’s school. During the program, participating teachers will infuse STARTALK-Endorsed Principles, backward design and online video and text editing skills to create unit and lesson plans with the knowledge of China’s cross-continent initiative “One Belt, One Road” to implement outstanding Chinese courses at their own schools. The program features video editing training, field trips to Philadelphia schools and the Penn Museum, expert discussions on the Silk Road, Civilizations of China and Inner Asia, Chinese-specific pedagogy, high school-college articulation and free ACTFL World Readiness FL Standards reference books. Participants from out-of-state and out-of-city will receive STARTALK funds to cover housing during the program. Pennsylvania participants will receive ACT 48 hours toward their re-certification and career advancement. After the program, the teachers will have new lesson plans that are ACTFL Standard-based, with innovative language, culture and technology components, to use in the new school year.

Program Instructors include:

Dr. Christopher Atwood, Professor of Mongolian and Early Modern Chinese History, EALC
Dr. Mien-hwa Chiang, Director, Chinese Language Program, EALC
Mr. David Dettmann, Associate Director, Center for East Asian Studies
Dr. Maiheng Dietrich, Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages, EALC
Ms. Xueling Qu, Chair, Foreign Language Department, Philadelphia High School for Girls

Our Application Page is now Live! Applications will be due May 20, 2018.