Testimonial for Penn Chinese Language Program from Francis Miller EALC’13

Testimonial for Penn Chinese Language Program

        I credit my interest and comfort working in China in no small part to the skills that Penn’s Chinese Language Program helped me develop. Looking back, I am struck by the professionalism and level of dedication from ALL NINE of my Chinese language instructors at Penn. All of my Chinese language teachers not only prepared informative, engaging classroom materials, but also made time to meet with me regularly and check in on my progress, some even going so far as to call me or email me if I started to fall behind or missed a concept. I knew they weren’t just nagging, but genuinely cared about my progress. I don’t think I could expect more from a language teacher, let alone nine different teachers. 

The skills I gained at Penn have allowed me to comfortably (in Chinese) discuss revisions to both employment contracts and program contracts, introduce services to clients, correspond with government officials and venture capital CEOs, and of course, share my expertise and love for craft beer with my Chinese friends.


Francis Miller EALC ’13 is currently a Senior Academic Consultant for AIC Education. Francis is also a supervisor for AIC’s Internship Program and founder of the China Ghana Changemaker Program, an experience for high school students in social entrepreneurship featured on both the China in Africa Podcast as well as the Tsinghua University MBA and x-Lab High Impact Pitch Event. While at Penn, he attended the Inter-University Program (IUP) for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University. In his free time he enjoys bartending at Slow Boat Restaurant and Brewery and writing articles for the Shanghai Students’ Post.