AirPennNet – Manually configure Apple Computer via mobile profile

1 . Connect to AirPennNet-HELP

2. Once connected, go to this webpage:

3. Click on the section for iPhone, iPod Touches.

4. Click the faculty, staff link.

5. You will be prompted to download a configuration file. Download and then open that file. It will ask to install a profile and ask for your computer’s password, followed by your pennkey and password. After entering that information, it will install.

6. Switch you wifi to AirPennNet and it should now work!

7. To insure your computer doesn’t automatically connect to AirPennNet-Help in the future, go to System Preferences->Network->(make sure Wifi is selected in the left menu bar)->Advanced and remove AirPennNet-Help from your “Preferred Networks” list.

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