How to Set Up the Concur App at Penn

concur mobile app

Concur is often used by staff and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania to submit expenses for reimbursement (either personal or travel card expenses).

In order to setup the Concur app at the University of Pennsylvania, follow the instructions below. The login process is not transparent. Special thanks to Brian Kirk for sharing this information.

Install the CONCUR mobile app from your App Store.

Sign in using Company SSO method.  It will ask for the Company Code

UPenn Company Code: LJACRC

Concur Username:

Replace “yourpennkeyname” with your pennkey name.

It will bounce you to a UPenn Pennkey login screen.  Login there using your pennkey username/password as usual, and your two-step authentication code – you can trust the browser.

Once done, it will send you back to the Concur App.  You should now be logged in.

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