Useful Links

SAS Computing Website & Status


Test my Pennkey
Change PennKey Password
Set / Reset O365 Password (
Password Policy)
Create a SAS Windows AD Account (for Shared Drive / FMP Access)
Reset Shared Drive / FMP Password
Getting Started with Forticlient VPN

Deprecated – How To Set Windows AD Password & Connect to Shared Drive
Deprecated: How to Configure Pulse Secure for Access to SAS Resources
Google@Sas – Google Apps
Google@Sas Account Configuration
PennNet Voip Phone PPS Management System
Box Storage Service for Penn
Box – Add additional email addresses. Visit your account page. Further instructions.
Change Writing Account Password


Printing at CPCW
How to Disable Two-Sided Duplex Printing on Mac via CUPS

CPCW Room Technology Guides

CPCW 3809 Walnut Classroom Guide

CPCW Classroom 111 Technology Quick Start Guide
CPCW Room 312 Technology Quick Start Guide

Wifi | AirPennNet

AirPennNet Manual Setup – Mac OS 10.4
AirPennNet Manual Setup – Mac OS 10.5
AirPennNet Manually Setup Mac Computer via Mobile Profile
Connecting to AirPennNet with a Chromebook
Configuring Devices for AirPennNet-Device (authentication needed)

I.T. Systems and Resources

Office365 Webmail
Office365 Password Page
O365 Self Provision Portal
How to install Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty and Staff
Using Zoom for Remote Teaching
How to Log into the Zoom iOS app with your SAS UPenn Account
How to Configure BBEdit for Writing Server Website Access
How to Configure Fetch for Writing Server Website Access
How to Configure SecureCRT for Writing Server SSH Access
Getting Started with PowerTerm (Datacomet replacement)
Penn Email Eligibility
O365 Email Analyzer / Troubleshooter
Forward Writing Email to Gmail Guide

Add Writing Address to Gmail / Google@SAS
How to forward O365 email to a different email account
How to Forward Office365 Email to a Different Email Address
How to Send Penn O365 Email from Gmail | –> 2021 UPDATE <—
How to Add Shared Calendar to your O365 Calendar
How to Add Penn Academic Calendar to O365 Calendar
Mailman Mailing List Request Form for CPCW
Filemaker Pro 17 Configuration Guide
New Faculty & Staff: Get Started Accessing Electronic Resources in SAS
Software Available to Penn Staff and Faculty (Mac / Free)
SAS Computing Footprints

SAS Computing FreshService

SAS Teamwork Site
ISC Computing Resources
Voip Phone Order and Help Forms
SIG Mailing List Signups
SAS Computing Blocked Email Attachment Types
Configure Email Client to Penn Directory
iTunes U Public Site
Manager Applecare Support Form

iTunes U Course Manager
Applecare Support Form

SAS Slack
Penn IT Slack
BEN Request Forms (including Printer Management)
Adobe Creative Cloud License Request (SAS Staff/Faculty)
IEM Web Console
IEM in SSC: Patching
IEM: Creating a baseline
IEM: Creating groups
Kelly Writers House 6Poem Tips
How to set up the Concur App at Penn
DHCP Registration Site (Static IPs)
DHCP Registration Site (Dynamic IPs – anyone can register)
Tech Tools / Support for SAS Students (for Spring 2020)
Remote IT Support for Students (University wide for Spring 2020)
Company for ordering Chromebooks and Management Licenses email address
WCOnline + Zoom integration info and notes
SAS DCS Surplus Request Form


Webcasting On the Road (Our Mobile Gear Setup)
The Role of Live Webcasts in MOOCs & Online Learning
How to Create Engaging + Interactive Live Webcasts
Does Google Hangouts “Make the Cut” as a Professional Webcasting Platform?
Online Courses in the Age of the MOOC
How To Record a Google Hangout
Screening & Taking Live Phone Calls on Zoom Live Streams – A D.I.Y. Budget-Friendly Guide to Talk-Show Style Phone Guests

General Tips, Tricks and Information

Awesome Terminal Command Line Tricks
How to forward email headers in O365
RoaringApps OS X and iOS App Compatibility
Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts – Awesome!
Unix Epoch Time Converter – Since 1970
Using Apple Remote Desktop send unix Command to install packages
AppCrawlr – App Discovery Engine
Grep and Find for searching a file or directory
How to Export Apple Contacts and Import into O365 via OWA (Web Interface)
How to Fix / Restore Access to Shared Calendars in “the new Outlook” 2019
Configure Mac for Pennkey Authentication
Configure Copier for Scan to Email (Setting up SMTP)
Submitting Ticket Requests to DCS
How to Save Space on your Mac by removing Messages and Photo Attachments – Text/SMS
Canvas File Upload 400 Error: Request failed with status code 400

Security + Performance

SEP Anti-Virus for Penn Desktops and Laptops
Tune-Up a Mac


Penn Computer Purchasing (Apple Education, Dell, etc.)
KWH Linked-In Mentor Database
PennSound Protocols
Human Resources Application Portal for Staff
How to Record a Google Hangout
CIDR to IP Address Converter
Concur / Bank of America Credit & Travel Card Management
How to fit a div to the height of its contents (CSS)
Using If Statements in Excel, including in concat formulas: Link 1, Link 2
How to Convert Text/URL to a Clickable Link in Excel hint: =Hyperlink(a1, “Link Title”)

Grep to find a pattern in files: grep -rnw /path/to/somewhere/ -e “search text here” (stack overflow post)
or: grep -Ril “search string here” /path/here/

Grep in BBEdit to find information between two strings of text hint: <text1here>.*?</text2here>

Rsync: rsync -avz /from/directory /to/directory

How to compare two text files of out of order lists (e.g. for comparing a lists of listservs on existing in majordomo with a list of listservs existing in FMP):

  • Use this code in Terminal to generate create a file that only shows values appearing in the 2nd file: comm -13 <(sort /Users/chmarti/Downloads/fmp.txt) <(sort /Users/chmarti/Downloads/majordomo.txt) >/Users/chmarti/Downloads/only-in-file-2.txt
  • Make sure you use plain text files without any formatting whatsoever for the above process. Usually this means pasting without formatting/as a plain text into Text Edit and then also converting the file to plain text via Format->Make Plain Text.
  • This code trick is also cool for finding which lines are common in two files: comm -12 <(sort File1.txt) <(sort File2.txt) >common-lines.txt


About this page of useful links

The purpose of this page is to be an aggregate of useful technological resources, tips, tricks and more on the internet. While I use it as a sort of bookmark list for myself, it is public so that others, especially at the University of Pennsylvania, might be able to benefit as well. It is regularly updated with new information as I come across it. I will do my best to keep old information up to date, though I sometimes fall behind in this rapidly changing technological universe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.