Filemaker Pro 17 Configuration Guide

Use these instructions to configure Filemaker Pro 17 to connect to the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Filemaker server. Note, that if you are working from a wifi connection and/or off-campus, you will first have to connect your Forticlient VPN client.

1 Upon opening, Filemaker Pro, click File->Hosts->Show Hosts…

2.) Click “Add App” and “From Hosts”


3.) Click the + sign to add a new favorite host


4.) For host’s internet address, enter:

For Favorite Host’s Name, enter: KWH Filemaker Pro

Click save.


4.) Find KWH19 from the list of available FMP databases. Double click on it.


5.) You will be prompted for your KWH AD account. Your username will match your pennkey though the password may be different (depending on what you set for your AD account password.)


6.) You will now have access to the KWH database. For future connections, you will now by able to connect quickly to the KWH19 database by clicking on it in “My Apps” (File->Hosts) or by selecting File->Recent.

Getting Started with Forticlient VPN in SAS

A Forticlient VPN connection is necessary to gain off-campus / wifi access to the Shared Drives, Filemaker Pro servers and some other services. Note that you do not need to use Forticlient VPN if you are using wired on-campus computers.



Request VPN access by filling out this form:

  • If you’re in the Kelly Writers House or Creative / Critical Writing, use the following information when asked:
    • Local Support Provider (LSP) Name: Chris Martin
    • LSP Support Team: CPCW

You will hear back within a couple of days with instructions on how to install and configure Forticlient.

  • Note that PennKey Two-Step Verification using Duo Mobile push notifications (preferred) or Voice/Text notifications is required for FortiClient VPN access. To check on your Two-Step Verification setup please click here:
  • If you think you’ve forgotten your Forticlient password, make sure to try your Pennkey / O365 passwords — the passwords for these accounts match. If you still need to reset your password, resetting your Pennkey password will also reset your Forticlient VPN password (and your O365 password). Go here to do so:
  • If you haven’t yet installed or need to reinstall Forticlient, you can download the installer and instructions from here:

Do you also need to get setup with a Shared Drive / FMP account? Click here for more information.

Configure Pulse for VPN Access to SAS Resources

Pulse is no longer supported by SAS Computing. Click here for information about Forticlient.


The following services require a Pulse connection as a prerequisite for remote access (including off-campus and any laptop access):

  • Shared drives
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Drupal Test Servers

Steps to configure Pulse for Mac

1.) Download the Pulse installer from here:

2.) Install Pulse.

3.) If you do not see Pulse on your screen, go to your Applications folder and open “Pulse Secure”. Otherwise, skip to Step 4.

4.)  Click the + sign in the bottom left corner.


5.) Enter the following into the fields and click “Add”:


6.) Click “Connect”


7.) You will be prompted for your Windows AD user name and password (this is the same account used to access the shared drive and Filemaker Pro). Enter them here and click “Connect”.


8.) You will see a green check mark once connected.


9.) Your connection will disconnect each night. In the future, you will be able to “Connect” by clicking the Pulse Secure logo in the top menu bar:


10.) You will now be able to access shared drives, Filemaker Pro and Drupal test servers.