Torifying Lynx with Torsocks

This is really just a fun example of using torsocks. However, when doing an malware, phishing, or similar investigation it can be desirable to obscure your location, especially when performing an investigation from the office or after hours from home. Two reasons for this are; 1. not to become a target ourselves and 2. so our networks don’t appear compromised (the individuals behind an attack may already know this.. but there’s no need to make their job any easier). A write-up of a better use case will be in an upcoming post.

Required software:


I chose to compile and install Tor into /opt/tor


– http://dccbbv6cooddgcrq.onion/torsocks.git


Once the required software is installed the following steps can be used to torify your lynx session.

– Verify your Tor configuration. Paying attention to SOCKSPort and SOCKSPolicy.

$ less /opt/tor/etc/tor/torrc

– Start Tor

$ /opt/tor/bin/tor

– In another terminal use Torsocks to start Lynx.

$ torsocks lynx –noreferer


Create a packet capture of a brief lynx session. Can you verify that all traffic is being sent through the Tor network?