Please join us December 2nd for CSERI’s undergraduate and graduate research exposition. Our Turner Schulman Fellows will showcase their multi-disciplinary research regarding race, ethnicity, and immigration in the PCPSE Forum between 2 pm and 4 pm.

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Research Projects

Aislados: The Impact of Colonialism and Coloniality in Experiences of Migrant “Illegality” in Puerto Rico, Carlos Aguilar (G), Sociology

Migration, Marriage, and Cohabitation Among Hispanic Immigrant Women in the United States, Zohra Ansari-Thomas (G), Sociology

A New Hegemony: How Indigenous Writers are Expanding the Literary Landscape in Bolivia, Marco Avilés (G), Latin American Literature

Black and Latino LGBTQ+ Contemporary Activism, Kim Cardenas (G), Political Science

Diversity, Faultlines and Teamwork in Random Groups, Ornella Darova (G), Economics

Conflict, Resistance, and Resolve: Uncovering Lost Narratives in Japanese American Internment, Hannah De Oliveira (U), History, Legal Studies

Maya Laborers of Piedras Negras and Chichen Itza, Francisco Diaz (G), Anthropology

“Swiping Right” for the Right One: The Causal Effect of Education, Race, and Gender in Online Dating, Olivia Hu and Alexander Adames (G), Sociology

Oceans Apart & Spaces Between: Sociopolitical Identity Formation of Early 20th Century Second Generation Chinese Peruvians, Adrian Ke (U), History, World concentration

The Moral Dilemma of “Selling Out”: Race, Class, and Career Considerations at an Elite University, Joyce Kim (G), Higher Education

Working-class Minority Parents’ Experiences with a Chinese-English Dual Language Program, Peizhu Liu (G), Educational Linguistics

Comiendo Boca: United States Occupation of the Dominican Republic, 1916-1924, Bonnie Maldonado (G), Africana Studies

The Thriftification of Philadelphia: How Socioeconomic Status Impacts & Informs the Second-Hand Shopping Experience in Philadelphia, Anya Miller (U), Sociology

Segregation and Mass Graves: The Storm of ’28 in South Florida, Brett Robert (G), History

Holistic Healing Narratives, Marta J. Sanchis Ferrer (G), Psychology

Disaggregating Inequalities in the Career Outcomes of International Medical Graduates in the United States, Rebecca Schut (G), Demography and Sociology

Exploring the Impact of Anti-Asian Hate on University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tiffany Tieu (U), Psychology

The North Versus the South: American Religious Groups’ Views of the Civil Rights Movement, Zhangyang Xie (U), Africana Studies and Science, Technology, & Society

Li Delun in Philadelphia: Ethnography, Archives, and Music Across the Pacific, Shelley Zhang (G), Ethnomusicology

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CSERI undergraduate and graduate research grants are generously supported by David E. Schulman, C’82, L’85, and Suzanne E. Turner, C’82, Penn parents, through the Turner Schulman Endowment.