The Dahan Lab at the University of Pennsylvania investigates the workings of the mind  when people use language. We focus on adult individuals with no known language or communication disorder in order to describe how the intact brain works. This is critical in order to elucidate the nature of these disorders. We use a variety of behavioral methods, including eye movements and linguistic analysis of unscripted conversations.

The Dahan Lab is directed by Delphine Dahan, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her research on language processing, Dr. Dahan teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the psychology of language. She also supervises and mentors a number of students interested in learning about the scientific examination of human cognition. She welcomes any inquiry into the lab’s work and, more generally, into her field of study. Please see Contact on how best to reach her. For more detail on the work, please see Research and Publications.

The lab is affiliated with the Psychology Department and the Linguistics Department at the University of Pennsylvania, and MindCORE, a program initiated by Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences and devoted to the integrated study of the mind and the brain.