Cultures of Datafication in & across South Asia
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Event Organizer: Kim Fernandes; Zehra Hashmi; Sandeep Mertia; and Rahul Mukherjee (University of Pennsylvania) and Ranjit Singh (Data & Society)
Date: 4/12-13/24
Location: Day 1 – Fisher Bennet Hall #401; Day 2 – CASI, 133 S 36th St, #230

This event aims to bring together interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to discuss historical and emergent trajectories of data-driven knowledge production in South Asia. In doing so, participants will examine how under-explored social relations in South Asia shape data-driven technologies and vice versa. The workshop will also explore the past, present, and/or future of datafication across South Asia as it relates to three broad themes: identity, governance, and energy.