Summer Hangouts

Each summer, DDD hosts a data science workshop for undergraduates involved in research. Penn faculty members from both the natural and social sciences present work that applies data science to their research. Undergraduates also attend tutorials led by our postdocs and graduate students on data science methods.  This article by Omnia highlights some of the student experiences from the 2019 hangouts. See our 2019 and 2020 schedule of faculty speakers and tutorials. Click here to view our 2022 schedule, which was held in-person and virtually. Our most recent 2023 schedule of speakers (including links to slides and tutorials) and recordings are now available. Below are some examples of our past faculty talks from 2020.

Philip Gressmen, Department of Mathematics

Simulating COVID-19 in a University Environment

Junhyong Kim, Patricia M. Williams Term Professor and Chair, Biology (begin at 32:08)

How Do We Track Where COVID-19 Virus Comes From? Estimating Geneaologies From DNA Sequences

Joshua Plotkin, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor of the Natural Sciences

Evolutionary Forces of Cultural Change

Sudeep Bhatia, Associate Professor of Psychology (begin at 32:55)

High Dimensional Word Embeddings to Predict Human Judgment

Robyn Sanderson, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Machine Learning in the Milk Way

David Brainard, RRL Professor of Psychology (begin at 33:47)

Data-Driven Model of Human Color Vision

Brent Cebul, Assistant Professor of History

Renewing Inequality and Mapping Historical Data

Shane Jensen, Professor of Statistics and Data Science (Wharton) (begin at 31:40)

Urban Analytics in Philadelphia: How Can We Use Data to Improve Our Cities?

Xi Song, Associate Profesor of Sociology

Understanding Misperceptions of Inequality in China Using Print and Social Media Data

Bhuvnesh Jain, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Natural Sciences (begin at 35:01)

Why is the Universe Expanding So Rapidly?