LOVE Environment Data Day 2023

Friday, Feb 17, 2023 | Orrery Pavilion (Van Pelt Library 6th Floor)

9:30 – 10:00 AM: Join us for coffee and light breakfast!

10:00 – 10:45 AM: Singers as Sentinels: How Whales Can Warn of Changing Ecosystems (hybrid event)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eduardo Mercado, University at Buffalo SUNY

Abstract: Marine mammals use sound to forage, navigate, communicate, and socialize. Analyzing how whales vary their sounds in response to human interactions with the ocean makes it possible to not only reduce any negative effects on whales, but also to use their vocal actions as biomarkers of anthropogenic effects on marine environments.

11:15 AM-12:00 PM: Visualizing and Analyzing Renewable Energy Data (in-person only)

Girmaye Misgna, Mapping & Geospatial Data Librarian, Research Data & Digital Scholarship

This session will demonstrate how to obtain, visualize, and use selected renewable energy geospatial datasets from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with particular interest on Rooftop Photovoltaic Technical Potential in the United States.

2:30 – 3:15 PM: Panel Discussion on Water Data (virtual only. Zoom link available with registration)


Ellen Kohler, Director of Applied Research and Programs, Penn Water Center

Dr. Chuck Louisell, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and Co-Founder, True Elements

Moderator: Karen Chow, Executive Director, Data Driven Discovery Initiative

How can we use data about water to answer big questions about urban water use and sustainability?

3:30-4:30 PM: Embodied Information: Local Trees, Datasets, and You (in person only)

Cassandra Hradil, Data Humanities Specialist, Price Lab for Digital Humanities and Research Data & Digital Scholarship

This workshop will explore tree data in The Woodlands, a historic garden and cemetery within walking distance of Penn’s main campus. In this session, we will experience the small, subjective, and personal side of data: what Giorgia Lupi calls data humanism and Kelly Dobson calls data visceralization. We will visit the Woodlands for a short nature walk and gather our own small datasets based on our experience there. Collectively, we will consider what these small and subjective data experiments can show us, how they compare to other kinds of data collected about the Woodlands, and how small data and big data together can ultimately illuminate different experiential realities of a place or an ecosystem.

Location: Meet in-person in front of Van Pelt Library (Broken Button) for 10-min walk to Woodlands

Go to or scan the QR code below to register for Zoom access to hybrid and virtual events  

This event is organized and sponsored in collaboration with Penn Libraries Research Data & Digital Scholarship