Dear Colleagues,

Since nanocrystalline materials, such as colloidal nanocrystals and nanoparticles are evolving at a very fast pace, journal Crystals have decided to dedicate a special issue to it. We invite scientists to submit original articles covering the recent advancements in the synthesis, properties, characterization, and application of nanocrystalline materials. This Special Issue is intended to serve as an international forum and will cover the following topics:

  • Advances in the synthesis of nanocrystals.
  • Surface functionalization of nanocrystals.
  • Ligand-induced properties of nanocrystals.
  • Shaped nanocrystals (spheres, cubes, rods, wires, polyhedral);
  • Optical properties of nanocrystals.
  • Magnetic properties of nanocrystals.
  • Self-assembly properties of nanocrystals.
  • Bio-applications of nanocrystals.
  • Catalytic properties of nanocrystals.
  • Fundamental properties of nanocrystals.
  • Advances in the characterization techniques of nanocrystals.