At Penn’s Developing Minds Lab,  we study the primitive number sense that children come into the world with even before they learn to count.  Our work is aimed at testing the idea that primitive number sense helps children gain a foothold into learning math.  We study changes that happen in the brain as children become symbolic mathematical thinkers. Our studies include infants, school aged-children and adults and use a host of behavioral and neurobiological tools. 

Congrats to Dr. Sami Yousif!

Assistant Professor University of North Carolina 2024

Congrats to Chuyan Qu!

Chuyan was awarded a Western Postdoctoral Fellowship to work with Dr. Daniel Ansari after she completes her PhD!

Congrats to Francesca Luzzi and Lily Goldstein!

Francesca and Lily are both inducted into Phi Beta Kappa!

Congrats to Isabel Riley!

Isabel was awarded a MindCore summer fellowship to work with our group summer 2024!

Congrats to Dr. Sam Clarke!

Assistant Professor University of Southern California, 2023