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    Lesbia and her Sparrow, 1860, artist unknown Turpis Fausta by Lily Nesvold   ōdī Faustam tantum, quae (ēn!) habet ōs, sane, turpe. Flaccus dīligit illud monstrum, nescio quārē. taedet mē vītae cum spectō fēminam et illum. omnēs noscunt esse scortum, prō pudor, illam. lector: nē stultē saevam, Iove, cēnsuerīs mē sōdēs. nōn ōdī Faustam vērō, […]

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  • The Indo-European Hero

    Photo Sources: Scoop Whoop A Comparative Study of the Aeneid and the Mahabharata By Kushal Modi   Introduction The cultures of Ancient Rome and Ancient India are descendants of a common Indo-European culture that flourished in the steppes of the Caucasus several thousand years ago. As several world cultures developed from this proto-culture, they retained […]

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