Turpis Fausta

Turpis Fausta
By Lily Nesvold

Composed in dactylic hexameter, “Turpis Fausta” is an original work of poetry inspired by a few of Catullus’ pieces: Poem 41 about Mamurra’s ugly mistress; Poem 83, in which Catullus hurls invective at Lesbia’s husband; and Poem 51, showcasing Catullus’ great envy of a mystery man for his ability to capture Lesbia’s attention…

A Semester at Pembroke College, Cambridge – Studying Classics Abroad

Supervisions at Cambridge
By James Nycz

Studying abroad had been a goal of mine before I even arrived at Penn, but through my Classics courses I realized that studying abroad in Europe would allow me to explore a whole new experience of Classics. Not only would I actually be able to live in and visit the same places where the boundaries of Rome once extended, but I would also be able to witness and understand the long tradition of Classical scholarship that still exists in places like Britain…

The Indo-European Hero

A Comparative Study of the Aeneid and the Mahabharata
By Kushal Modi

The cultures of Ancient Rome and Ancient India are descendants of a common Indo-European culture that flourished in the steppes of the Caucasus several thousand years ago. As several world cultures developed from this proto-culture, they retained certain shared Indo-European cultural and linguistic characteristics…