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  • The Discobolus of Qin

    The Discobolus of Qin 秦 By: Millie Huang   The Discobolus of Qin (links to external file) is a multimedia piece by Chinese-Canadian Millie Huang. It is an encapsulation of the scholarly dialogue speculating that Greek and Hellenistic artwork inspired the creation of China’s terracotta army. Consisting of over 8000 soldiers, the army was sculpted […]

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  • Virgil’s Rumor and “Fake News”

    Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera cum quinque vulgatis commentariis expolitissimisque figuris atque imaginibus nuper per Sebastianum Brant superadditis (Strasbourg: Johannis Grieninger, 1502) By: Ryan Cooper   Aeneid 4.173-188 Extemplo Libyae magnas it Fama per urbes Fama, malum qua non aliud velocius ullum; mobilitate viget, viresque adquirit eundo, parva metu primo, mox sese attollit in auras, ingrediturque […]

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