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Discentes, the University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate Classical Studies publication, is now accepting applications for Editors and Contributors for the spring 2024 semester on a rolling basis! All Penn undergraduates from all majors, minors, and class years are welcome to apply HERE.


Editors review and edit pieces, working with authors to strengthen their work and prepare it for publication. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week, maximum 3-4 hours

Contributors pitch and write pieces for their editorial team, with frequency to be determined together by the contributor and their editor. Time commitment: flexible (dependent on arrangement between contributor and editor)


We are looking for Editors to join our Articles, Copy, Events, Research, Translations, and Web teams, and Contributors to join our Articles, Events, Research, and Translations teams. Applicants can apply to as many roles as they’d like.

Learn more about our editorial teams below.

Please email with any further questions!



Open Roles: Contributor

Perfect for you if: you’re excited about exploring ideas and perspectives in classics, the ancient world, and classical reception in new ways

Our Articles team publishes content in a variety of genres relating to topics in Classics—including ancient history, art history, languages and literature, classical reception, and more. Our articles range from opinion and discussion pieces, to book reviews and personal narratives, to comedic and creative pieces. 



Open Roles: Contributor, Editor

Perfect for you if: you enjoy engaging with student research and conducting deep dives on the fine details of a subject or topic in Classical Studies

Our Research team publishes academically-focused research papers regarding topics in Classics—including ancient history, art history, languages and literature, classical reception, and more. Our Research team aims to publish innovative student research on our platform.



Open Roles: Editor

Perfect for you if: you have great attention to detail and a strong interest in writing

Our Copy team is the backbone of our publication. They are the first to proofread and review all pieces from the editorial teams prior to publication to maximize coherence, ease of reading, and continuity.



Open Roles: Editor, Contributor

Perfect for you if: you love Latin and/or Greek and are excited by innovative and creative translations

Our Translations team publishes original translations of prose, poetry, and drama. We feature a wide range of translation styles and aim to showcase student creativity and language skills. Previously, we’ve published various innovative works, including a translation in metered and rhyming verse and a comparative translation of Latin and Greek poets. 



Open Roles: Contributor

Perfect for you if: you’re interested in getting involved and engaging with the Classical Studies community at Penn

Our Events team publishes articles about various happenings within our undergraduate community and our Department of Classical Studies. We cover department colloquia, write about student events, conduct interviews with students and faculty members, and more. 



Open Roles: Editor

Perfect for you if: you’re excited to share Discentes with the world!

Our Web team is responsible for managing our website and social media platforms. Web Editors schedule and publish all articles, keep our content up-to-date, and lead the social media committee’s initiatives on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.