Editorial Board & Staff


Sara Chopra (she/her) is a senior from Princeton, NJ studying Classical Studies (Languages and Literature), Consumer Psychology, and Ancient History. Her interests include translation and classical reception. Previously, she was Discentes‘ Lead Articles Editor. On campus, she is a member of MUSE and Bloomers Comedy.



Margaret Dunn (she/her), Lead Articles Editor is a junior from Pelham, NY double majoring in Classics and English. Outside of academia, she is a part of Penn Dems, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, and PennPals. In her free time she enjoys cooking, running, and reading.

Alicia Lopez is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Classics and English. In addition to Discentes, she is on the Penn Classics Board and the UTB staff. Originally from Alexandria, VA, she enjoys reading and writing in her free time.

Olivia Wells (she/her) is a senior majoring in Classics with a concentration in Mediterranean Archaeology and minoring in History and French. She is a member of Classics Board and Penn Dems. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA and in her free time, she loves cooking and knitting.

Lily Nesvold (she/her), is a junior from New York, NY, double majoring in Classical Studies and Economics in the College. In addition to Discentes, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and the Penn Equestrian Team. In her free time, she enjoys running and listening to music.


Maggie Yuan (she/her) is a freshman from Orlando, FL studying classics and international relations. Outside of class, she plays violin for the Penn Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, she enjoys reading and exploring Philly.


Angela Nguyen (she/her) is a freshman from St. Petersburg, Florida studying Classical Studies. At Penn, Angela works at Penn Closet and is a member of Vietnamese Student Association and the Penn Classics Board. In her free time, she also enjoys making jewelry, thrifting, and going to concerts.



Spencer Landis, Lead Copy Editor is a senior studying Classical Studies with minors in psychology and religious studies. He is originally from Camp Hill, PA. At Penn, Spencer works at the Marks Family Writing Center and is involved with the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal and Eta Sigma Phi, the Classics Honors Society.

Anna Fighera is a senior from Queens, NY. She is majoring in Moral and Political Philosophy and minoring in Classical Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Saffiya (Saffy) Bashey is a senior studying Biology and Classical Studies. In addition to Discentes, she does clinical research at Penn Medicine and is a member of Penn MERT. Originally from Atlanta, GA, she enjoys running, baking, and playing piano in her free time.


Alexander (Sasha) Morledge is a junior studying Health & Societies and Classical Studies. In addition, he is in the Pre-Medicine track hoping to pursue clinical research. He is originally from Point Lookout, NY. Outside of Discentes, he is an avid tennis and squash player — playing for Penn’s Club Squash team in the winters.


Cecelia Heintzelman is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Ancient History and History of Art, with a minor in Global Medieval Studies. She is originally from Collingswood, NJ. At Penn, she works as a Curatorial Assistant in the Mediterranean Section at the Penn Museum. She spends her free time dancing for Penn Latin and Ballroom Dance.


Millie Huang is a senior from Vancouver studying Neuroscience and Classical Studies, interested in how brain research may deepen our understanding of human values and moral judgment. She is involved in Neuroethics Canada and the Penn Bioethics Journal. Millie is excited about sumi painting, Herman Miller furniture, and winter.

Brandon Block is a junior majoring in Biology and Classical Studies. In addition to Discentes, Brandon is a research assistant at the Perelman School of Medicine, and will be attending the Icahn School of Medicine following graduation. Originally from Manalapan, NJ, he enjoys running, cooking, and taking spin classes in his free time.

Olivia Lee (she/her) is a sophomore from northwest Indiana majoring in Classical Studies with a concentration in Languages and Literature. In addition to Discentes, she’s on the board of the Social Deduction Club. In her free time, she loves to read, play cards, and go on hikes.



Sara Albert (she/her), Lead Latin Translations Editor is a senior from New York, NY double majoring in neuroscience and linguistics and minoring in chemistry. Aside from Discentes, Sara is a member of the Shabbatones, Penn’s Jewish a cappella group, and Phi Sigma Biological Research Honors Society.


Hanzhao Kuang (Grant/Kangaroo) is a sophomore from Guangzhou, China majoring in Classical Studies with a concentration of Classical Language and Literature. He is passionate about Philosophy, Psychology, and Psychoanalysis as well. At Penn, he works as an RA in Ware College House of the Quad.


Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi (she/her) is a senior from San Bruno, CA majoring in Classical Studies and Cognitive Science and minoring in philosophy. Her interests include the subaltern and social mobility in Greek and Roman antiquity. Elizabeth is co-chair of the Penn Classics Board and plays the harp with the Penn Symphony Orchestra.

Annie Ma (she/her) is a junior studying both History of Art and Classical Studies, originally from Madison, WI. Her interests include contemporary and ancient art, as well as the reception of Ancient Greek literature. In addition to Discentes, Annie is a member of the Institute of Contemporary Art Student Board and the OAX Society.



2021-2022 Masthead

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief – Sara Chopra

Lead Articles Editor – Margaret Dunn

Lead Copy Editor – Spencer Landis

Lead Events Editor – Luke Snyder

Lead Research Editors – Emilia Bebic, Millie Huang

Lead Translations Editors – Sara Albert, Stephen Jagoe

Lead Web Editors – Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi, Annie Ma

Articles Staff

Associate Editors: Alicia Lopez, Lily Nesvold, Olivia Wells

Contributors: Angela Nguyen, Maggie Yuan

Copy Staff

Associate Editors: Saffy Bashey, Anna Fighera, Sasha Morledge

Research Staff

Associate Editors: Brandon Block, Olivia Lee

Translations Staff

Associate Editor: Doulin Appleberry

Contributor: Hanzhao Kuang