Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 words (approx. 12 double-spaced pages).
  • At the moment, we are only accepting submissions from undergraduate and graduate students.
  • If an undergraduate chooses to submit their Senior Research Paper, Discentes will publish the work in a shortened form.
    • We recommend that the student submits a shortened version of their research paper.
  • Research-based submissions should be a minimum of 1,500 words (approx. 6 double-spaced pages).
  • Submissions that are not research-based, however, can be shorter.
  • Translations should include a few sentences about the author’s intentions/aims for their translations.
  • We encourage authors to include photos or other media to complement their work.
  • If uploading a file, please only upload a word document, or submit a shareable link to a Google document.
  • Following the submission of an article, editors will contact the author with final edits to the submission, after which the author will have a three day period to respond and object to any edits before the piece is published.

Authors can submit their work by utilizing the submission form below. The staff editors will assist authors with preparing their work for publication on the Discentes online platform. Please do not hesitate to contact us or email us at with any questions!

Submission Types
  • Translation submissions are original translations of any Latin, Greek, or other ancient text.
  • Research submissions are academic research papers, following the guidelines listed above. They should follow all the conventions of academic research papers.
  • Article submissions are articles with topics outside the scope of translations, research, or events, but that still relating to Classics. Topics can include but are not limited to entertainment pieces, opinion pieces, and editorials.
    • Art submissions are accepted. They should be marked as an article submission, and should include the title of the piece, as well as a brief artist statement.
  • Events submissions are articles that describe current events and topics within the Penn Classics department. Topics can include but are not limited to interviews with faculty and colloquium reviews.
Submission Form

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If you are submitting more than one submissions, please submit them individually in separate submissions.

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