Submission Categories

Translation submissions include original translations of ancient texts from the original Greek, Latin, or other ancient language. Translation submissions should include a few sentences of commentary regarding the author’s intentions and/or goals.

Research paper submissions include academic research papers that follow the appropriate stylistic and structural conventions applicable to humanities research papers. Research paper submissions should include a minimum of 1,500 words and citations should be made according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition.

Article submissions include articles regarding topics in Classics that take a different form than a translation or traditional research paper. Such articles may take the form of an entertainment piece, an opinion piece, a personal narrative, or an editorial.

Literary Analysis submissions include academic papers that perform a close reading of a single classical text. They generally do not engage with secondary sources or other scholarship.

Events submissions include articles discussing and/or reviewing recent events within the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Classical Studies. Such articles may take the form of an interview with a faculty member or a student, a review of a colloquium, talk, or course, or another format.

Art submissions include original works of art regarding topics in Classics. Discentes accepts artwork of all media types, including visual art, video, music, and mixed-media. (Video or music submissions are eligible for online publication only).


Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions from undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines and all universities. We generally do not accept submissions from high school students, but please reach out if you would like your work to be considered. Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 words. We recommend that students interested in submitting a thesis or long-form paper submit a shortened version that aligns with this word limit. If an undergraduate or graduate wishes to submit their full thesis, Discentes will excerpt or shorten the piece at the discretion of the editors. If you require assistance with shortening your thesis, please email us at

We encourage authors to include accompanying images and/or other media to complement their work.

Following the submission of a piece, an editor will contact the author with feedback and final edits, after which the author will have a three day period to respond to any edits ahead of publication.

By submitting your work below, you are entering into the following Agreement for Publication.


Submission Form

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