Minute-Long Myths

Gods of Mount Olympus / Credit: Wikimedia Commons Minute-Long Myths – CLST 100 Crash Course By Alicia Lopez   Your time in Classical Mythology may be coming to a close, but preparing for the final exam doesn’t have to feel like a Herculean labor. Welcome to your CLST 100 crash course, featuring memorable minute-long renditions […]

Bar the Dawn from My Bed

By Alicia Lopez   Amores 1.13.1-32, 35-48 Iam super oceanum venit a seniore marito flava pruinoso quae vehit axe diem. “Quo properas, Aurora? mane!—sic Memnonis umbris annua sollemni caede parentet avis! nunc iuvat in teneris dominae iacuisse lacertis; si quando, lateri nunc bene iuncta meo est. nunc etiam somni pingues et frigidus aer, et liquidum […]