The Man in the Sky

The Man in the Sky
By Aisha Daffeh

Every day was the same for Isaac.

He woke up, tossing his tattered gray duvet onto his bed. He stood in front of the mirror in his minuscule bedroom, delicately putting on his work uniform, which consisted of a T-shirt and brown khakis. He’d walk out into the hallway, taking note of the various parts of his house that needed repair—leaky roof, the broken bathroom door knob, the shattered floorboard…

Why Classics?

“Why Classics?”
By Olivia Wells

When people ask me what I’m studying, I often find that they don’t understand what I mean by “classics,” and in the rare case that they do, they sometimes can’t wrap their head around why I’d want to major in it.

Sadly, it’s not hard to see why I, as well as other classics majors, often find ourselves defending our discipline. Once regarded as a foundational precept of humanities, classical studies has since seen a decline in popularity over the past century…