UPDATE: We are aware (and very surprised) that all the courses for Dream Lab 2021 are currently full. We anticipate spaces will open up so please make sure to add your name to the waitlist for the course you would like to take.


Afrofuturism and Augmented Reality, Dr. Michael Sterling Burns and Dr. Clayton Colmon

Creating Lightweight Digital Archives from Scratch: Data Curation and Publication for Access, Dr. Jennifer Garcon

Creative Coding, Dr. Mark Sample

Digital Humanities in the Classroom, Nabil Kashyap and Roberto Vargas

Digital Surrogates, Dot Porter

Digital Humanities & East Asian Studies, Dr. Paul Vierthaler and Dr. Paula Curtis

Minimal Computing, Dr. Alex Gil and Marii Nyrop

Text Analysis, Dr. Scott Enderle

Tidy Data for Humanists, Dr. Matthew Lincoln