Humanities Mapping – 2023


Course Materials:

Course Description:

This workshop focuses on Leaflet.js, an open-source JavaScript library for creating interactive maps. Over the week, you will learn to create maps with Leaflet. We will explore Leaflet’s capabilities and scholarship on mapping in the digital humanities. We will identify how simple interactive maps can facilitate humanities scholarship and public engagement.

At the beginning of the workshop, we will identify and explore spatial data sources. What data is needed for your projects, and how can it be gathered? Second, how does spatial information need to be structured for mapping, and what are the main types of spatial data? Shifting from the data, we’ll learn just enough JavaScript to facilitate work with Leaflet. We will explore map base layers, markers, and data layers. We’ll cover how to search and filter elements on the map.  Finally, we’ll explore problems of spatial and temporal ambiguity as well as change over time.

Workshop Goals:

This workshop includes discussions, practical exercises, and project work. By the end of the workshop, participants will gain the following:

  • Experience creating interactive maps using Leaflet
  • Familiarity with the capabilities and potential of interactive maps
  • Knowledge of common spatial data types
  • The skills needed to publish Leaflet maps on the Internet


Dr. Andrew Janco is a Digital Scholarship Programmer at the University of Pennsylvania.  Andy teaches workshops in natural language processing, machine learning, and web development. He is a PhD in history from the University of Chicago and translates poetry from Russian and Ukrainian.