Minimal Computing- 2021


Course Description:
Are you interested in publishing a small archive of manuscripts, art, photographs or other primary sources on the web? Have you ever wanted to create and control your own digital collection from start to finish? In this week-long workshop, participants will build their own web projects that catalogue and present digital cultural artifacts using minimal computing principles. In the process, participants will learn the fundamentals of data preparation and management, static site generation, and version control.The result will be an impactful presentation as well as a portable data set—both of which can be repurposed and preserved without relying on institutional resources. In addition, participants will learn how to prototype beyond the collection site as a genre with examples for data visualization, mapping, critical essays, and interoperable image content.This workshop assumes some familiarity with HTML, and CSS.

Dr. Alex Gil is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Columbia University Libraries. He collaborates with faculty, students and library professionals leveraging computational and network technologies in humanities research, pedagogy and knowledge production. He is among the founders of several ongoing, warmly received initiatives where he currently plays leadership roles: Co-director of the Studio@Butler at Columbia University, a tech-light library innovation space focused on digital scholarship and pedagogy; co-founder and moderator of Columbia’s Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities, a vibrant trans-disciplinary research cluster focused on experimental humanities; senior editor of sx archipelagos, a journal of Caribbean Digital Studies, and co-wrangler of The Caribbean Digital conference series.

Marii Nyrop is the digital humanities technology specialist at New York University where they elaborate open source tools, infrastructure, and workflows for data-driven humanities research and scholarship. They are a Data Carpentries certified instructor and core member of many DH labs and projects including Immersive Reality Lab for the Humanities (irLh) and Raising the Volume! Amplying Soul of Reason. Marii is also the lead developer for Wax, an open-source framework for producing sustainable, IIIF-compliant digital exhibitions.