Drndic Lab at the Philadelphia Science Carnival

Graduate students Francis Chien Chen-Chi, Gopinath Danda, and Paul Masih Das are leading our group’s outreach effort at the Philadelphia Science Carnival, to be held on April 30th, 2016.
This is also part of the National DNA Day.

We are collaborating with the BioEYES, a partnership to advance K-12 science education.
We will present an integrated research exhibit spanning a range of topics related to DNA and genomics research.
We will discuss how the eye color in zebrafish is related to DNA and DNA sequencing.

We know that DNA is what genes are made up of, and that genes are responsible for the way we look and the traits we have.
Fish are an excellent animal model that allows us to visually study how the trait of dark pigmentation vs. albinism gets passed down from parents to offspring.
The title of this collaborative exhibit will be “What can a fish teach us about DNA?