Dr. Adrien Thob
Postdoc, Penn
synthetic observations of simulated galaxies for Roman and JWST; massive stars & galaxy formation

Dr. Nicolas Garavito Camargo
Flatiron Research Fellow, CCA
effects of the Large Magellanic Cloud on the Milky Way

Dr. Emily Cunningham
Hubble Fellow, Columbia
observation & interpretation of the Galactic stellar halo

Dr. Danny Horta Darrington
Flatiron Research Fellow, CCA
reconstructing the early formation of the Galactic stellar halo

Graduate Students

Nondh Panithanpaisal
Zaccheus Daniel Fellow
tidal streams and dark matter substructure

Arpit Arora
basis-function expansion models for the Milky Way. SiDM theories.

Undergraduate Students

Emily Bregou (Penn ’23)
tidal streams in smooth vs lumpy halos

Jay Baptista (Yale ’23)
UHIfA REU program, Summer 2021
the twisting of dark matter halos

Katie (Hikaru) Kotake (Penn ’24)
Vagelos MLS Scholar
measuring the mass of a dwarf galaxy from a single star

Erica Wu (Penn ’25)
PURM, Summer 2022
Galaxy bars with and without black holes

Ali Al Ayssami (Penn ’25)
PURM, Summer 2022
the asteroseismic view of the Milky Way

Kiana Ejercito (UH ’25)
UHIfA REU program, Summer 2022
how galaxy formation influences stellar halo profiles


Dr. Farnik Nikakhtar (Penn PhD ’22)
DESI Fellow, Yale University
synthetic surveys, data science, and action space

Dr. Sarah Pearson
Hubble Fellow, NYU

Dr. Ivanna Escala
Carnegie-Princeton fellow, Princeton University

Dr. Erin Kado-Fong
YCAA Prize Fellow, Yale University

Lillian Joseph (UPenn ’21)
Astronomy Master’s program, AIP Potsdam
surfaces of section in realistic galaxy models

Sioree Ansar
Graduate student, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru 
CCA Pre-doctoral Program, Spring 2021
Bars on FIRE

Tom Donlon
Graduate student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Shells on FIRE

Youjia Wu
Graduate student, University of Michigan Physics


Dr. Stella Reino
Ph.D. ’22, Sterrewacht Leiden
Mapping the dark halo with streams
Now working in industry

A simulated galaxy

Dr. Drona Vargya (Penn PhD ’20)
dynamical constraints on self-interacting dark matter

Marvin Morgan (UPenn ’21, senior thesis)
now a grad student in Astronomy at UT Austin

Chris Regan (UPenn ’21, senior thesis)
now working in the finance sector

Jen Locke (UPenn ’22)
metallicity gradients in tidal streams
now working in the aerospace sector