Dr. Emily Cunningham
Flatiron Research Fellow, CCA
observation & interpretation of the Galactic stellar halo

A simulated galaxy

Dr. Drona Vargya
dynamical constraints on self-interacting dark matter

Graduate Students

Nondh Panithanpaisal
tidal streams and dark matter substructure

Farnik Nikakhtar
synthetic surveys, data science, and action space

Arpit Arora
basis-function expansion models for the Milky Way. SiDM theories.

Undergraduate Students

Marvin Morgan
close encounters of stars with planets; formation & dynamics of the oort cloud

Chris Regan
force-reproduction in large-scale simulations

Lillian Joseph
surfaces of section in realistic galaxy models

A simulated galaxy

Jen Locke
how to observe reionization in the local group


Sarah Pearson
Hubble fellow, NYU

Stella Reino
Graduate student, Sterrewacht Leiden
Mapping the dark halo with streams

Sioree Ansar
Graduate student, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru 
CCA Pre-doctoral Program, Spring 2021

Danny Horta Darrington
Graduate student, Liverpool John Moores University

Erin Kado-Fong
Graduate student, Princeton Astrophysical Sciences

A simulated galaxy

Youjia Wu
Graduate student, University of Michigan Physics