Hey All! I am graduate student in Department of Physics and Astronomy@UPenn  . I am working under Prof. Robyn Sanderson on various Galactic dynamics projects. I did my undergraduate from Mifa, University of Minnesota TC. I worked with Prof. Liliya Williams  on studying nature of dark matter halos. 

I am an international student from India, born and brought up in Delhi.

My Research interests:

Time evolving Multipole potential power spectrum for FIRE simulations.

My research interests are studying Basis function expansion methods of modeling galactic potentials  in  wake  of complex potential varying interactions. Along with techniques of model selection such as use of action space of stellar streams and KLD based analysis.  (Videos coming soon!)

My other interests include studying the galactic bar properties under new dark matter theories such as SiDM. Nature of implications of new DM halos.

A sample action space of stellar streams present in a simulation computed using a low order BFE potential model (posted above)

Data Release:

Rotating Spherical harmonics

A low order multipole expansion computed using a combination of two basis spherical harmonics and azimuthal harmonics for halo and bar respectively for the present day snapshots for FIRE-2 suite of cosmological simulation. (data Arora et al. 2021, in prep)

Selected publications:

On the Stability of Tidal Streams in Action Space

A. Arora, et al. 2022, ApJ, 939, 2

Power law pseudo phase-space density profiles of dark matter halos: fluke of physics?
A. Arora, L.L.R. Williams. 2020, ApJ, 893, 53