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Opening Remarks (9AM – 9:15AM): Professor Chris Atwood


Keynote speech (9:15AM  – 10:00AM): Prof. Yulia Frumer


Panel 1 (10:10 AM – 12:00PM): Inbetween Spaces and Instruments of Change

Discussant: Professor Chris Atwood

“Open Corner: Residual Space as Source of Public Engagement in Hong Kong,” Sirui Chen, University of Pennsylvania

“Sustainable Mobility: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Planned Urban Shrinkage in Japan,” Shoko Yamada, Yale University

Subterranean Topographies: Rural Proletarian Literature on Mining in the Japanese Empire,” Vanessa Baker, University of California, Irvine

“The Political Economy of “Yitiao”: Lifestyle Media as the Instrument to Depoliticize Social Polarization in Contemporary China,” Dijia Chen, University of Virginia

Discussant’s comments + Q&A


Lunch (12:00PM – 1:15PM)


Panel 2 (1:15PM – 2:45 PM): Visuals Across and Beyond East Asia

Discussant: Professor Julie Davis

“Precarious Affinity and its Radical Politicality – Mira Schendel and Hak Kyung Cha,” Ina Choi, University of Pennsylvania

“‘My Mother Left Me and Became Art:’ Fragmentation and Reunification in Japanese Photography,” Philippe Depairon, Universite de Montreal

“Transnational Text as Intermediary in Transnational East Asian Cinema,” Yoonbin Cho, University of Pennsylvania

Discussant’s comments + Q&A


Panel 3 (3:00 PM – 4:50 PM): Mediating and Queering Representation

Discussant: Professor Ayako Kano


“The Reality Behind the Fantasy of K-dramas: An Analysis of Indian Fans,” Neha Cariappa, University of San Francisco

“Towards a Reclamation of the Queer Imagined-Self of Hanamonogatari,” Matthias Kramer, University of Oregon

“Motherhood and Mayhem: Urbanization and Housewifization in Korean Literature” Kristina Horn, University of California, Irvine

“Women and Labor in Buddhist Temples in Japan: Mama Priests and Performing Nuns,” Caitlin Adkins, University of Pennsylvania

Discussant’s comments + Q&A


Closing Remarks – Genevieve Tan, GSRC Chair


Dinner (5:30PM – 7:30PM)

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