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Thursday February 22, 2024 

11am-12:30pm Panel 1: Metabolizing Shakespeare 

Julia Lupton (University of California, Irvine) “A Complete Poem”
Laura Levine (NYU Tisch) “Unnatural Postures”
Joseph Campana (Rice University) “The Labour of Childhood”

Chair: Emily Winerock
Zoom moderators: Bernadette Rutherford and Renée Olo

12:30-12:45pm Break

12:45-2:30pm Roundtable 1: Notation and Methods

Dominique Bourassa (Yale University),
Ken Pierce (Longy School of Music of Bard College),
Nona Monahin (Mount Holyoke College),
Meg Pash (Mount Holyoke College),
Alena Shmakova (University of the Highlands and Islands / The City of Edinburg Council Adult Education Programme)

Chair: Adam Gilbert
Zoom moderators: Elizabeth Rouget and Bernadette Rutherford

2:30-2:45pm Break

2:45-4:15pm Panel 2: The Visual Art of Dance 

Sophia Bevacqua (NYU, The Institute of Fine Arts) “Dance as Drawing Act: Poussin and Rubens’s Sketches of a Ring Dance”

Zofia Marianna Zaleska (University of Warsaw) “The World Turned Upside Down: ‘Inverted’ Medieval Dance Scenes and Their Moral Meaning” 

Béatrice Pfister (University of Lille) “Noverre’s Ballets About Pantomime Ballet: A Subtle Dialogue with Painting and Theater in the Enlightenment Era”

Chair: Amanda Moehlenpah
Zoom Moderators: Flannery Jamison and Sarah Le Van


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 Friday February 23, 2024 

10:45am-12:30pm Roundtable 2: Early Dance in Broader Contexts 

Adam Bregman (University of Southern California),
Markus Lehner (Independent Scholar),
Erin O’Keefe (University of Georgia),
Maria Marcsek-Fuchs (Technische Universität Braunschweig),
Sidia Fiorato (University of Verona)

Chair: Lynn Matluck Brooks
Zoom Moderators: Alessandro Campeggiani and Elizabeth Rouget

12:30-12:45pm Break

12:45pm-2:30pm Panel 3: Violence, Music, and Obscurism 

Kathryn Dickason (Simmons University) “De-Romanticizing Raymonda with Medieval Studies: Crusades, Courtly Love, and Qiyān” 

Gloria Alejandra Flores (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) “On Dance and Signification: Ballet Inscription Against Indigenous Bodies”

Meira Goldberg (FIT/CUNY Graduate Center) “Dancing Moorishness in Catalunya-Aragón, 1149-1350”

Cecilia Nocilli (University of Granada) “Early Music Versus Early Dance: Methodological Considerations”

Chair: Ian Newman
Zoom Moderators: Alessandro Campeggiani and Renée Olo

2:30-2:45pm Break

2:45-4:15pm Panel 4: Reading and Teaching Early Dance 

Catherine Turocy (The New York Baroque Dance Company) “Looking at Theory in Early Ballet”

Jennifer Nevile (School of Arts and Media, University of NSW) “Seeing Dance: Mirrors and Dance Teaching in the Eighteenth Century”

Gerrit Berenike Heiter (Universität Wien/University of Vienna) “French Carnivalesque Ballet Outside the Royal Court (End of the 16th-Century Through Mid-17th Century)” 

Chair: K. Meira Goldberg
Zoom Moderators: Alessandro Campeggiani and Renée Olo


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Saturday February 24, 2024 

11am-12:45pm Panel 5: Social Dance 

Tessa Ashlin Nunn (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon) “The Birth of a Scandal: Eighteenth-Century Textual Representations of the Waltz”

Ambre Emory-Maier (Kent State University) “Dance, the ‘Social Brain’ and the Study of 18th-Century Sociability: The Body Connection”

Susan de Guardiola (Independent Scholar) “As ‘Tis Danced: Manuscript Annotations to Essex’s ‘For the Further Improvement of Dancing’”

Catherine Mayes (University of Utah) “Dancing the Ungarischer Across Classes in Late Eighteenth-Century Vienna”

Chair: Mary Channen Caldwell
Zoom Moderators: Sarah Le Van and Bernadette Rutherford

12:45-1pm Break

1pm-2:30pm Panel Discussion: Marginalized Voices in Early Dance Research

Russell Brown (University of Limerick Irish World Academy of Music & Dance)

Noémie Ndiaye (University of Chicago)

Jaqueline Shea Murphy (University of California, Riverside)

Chair: Alice Marshall
Zoom Moderators: Sarah Le Van and Flannery Jamison

2:30pm-3pm Break

3-4pm Plenary Workshop: Spanish Golden Age Dance

Ana Yepes and Anna Romaní

Moderators: Emily Winerock and Karen Silen
Zoom Moderators: Elizabeth Rouget and Flannery Jamison

4:00pm-4:30pm Closing Comments and BYOB Reception


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Program Notes

  • Session Details — Presentations will be in the order listed in the Program
    • For panels, each speaker has 20 minutes to present, followed by 25- 30 minutes for questions and discussion
    • For roundtables, each speaker has 15 minutes to present, followed by approximately 30 minutes for questions and discussion
  • Chairs and Moderators
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