The Education and Inequality Workshop welcomes participation from those with shared interests in social stratification and educational inequality, broadly defined.  Penn has an active, interdisciplinary group of faculty members and students working on related topics, with particular strengths in the areas of race, class, ethnicity, gender, qualitative and quantitative methods, and comparative international research.

With support from the Department of Sociology and the Population Studies Center, the Education and Inequality Workshop sponsors four activities: 1) weekly works-in-progress meetings to support the development of proposals, journal submissions, and conference and job talks; 2) bi-monthly talks (cluster workshops) by internal or external speakers; 3) an annual mini-conference on a theme chosen by participants; and 4) a working paper series in which workshop participants can share working papers or preprints.

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Information about bi-monthly talks (cluster workshops, open to the public) will be added over the summer for fall 2021.

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