Penn EDS Facilities and Equipment

The Penn EDS (Electronics Design Shop) occupies 750 sq. ft. in the Solomon Laboratories, also on Penn’s main campus. It contains a parts repository, electronic test and signal equipment, and bench setup space. Here is a list and pictures for the equipment and work area:

  1. Instrumentation and Electronics bench test equipment:
  • Tektronix TDS3012 Oscilloscope 100Mhz, 1.25GigaSamples/second, 2 channel, color display and two Tektronix smaller scopes, two channel, 60Mhz, 1GS/s for bench testing.






  • A Schematic Capture using Altium Designer and Firmware Design workstation, equipped with the Fluke 89 IV Multimeter and many development tools for Firmware design

B) The Electronic Design Shop also contains a parts repository and 3 workstations for electronic test and signal tracing equipment.


C) There is also an area dedicated to small electronic manufacturing and re-work machines suitable for small metal box fabrication jobs.

  1. Creality 3D printer with control box a medium size area for small pieces.

  1. An Electronics Pick-and-Place machince with Visual inspection – This unit allows to run small electronic jobs to place fine-pitch electronic components with accuracy on a PCB with solder-paste.

  1. A convection re-flow oven for small electronic jobs – This device allows the “stuffed” PCBs to melt and solidify the solder paste with the components leads and complete the PCB fabrication process.

  1. A Drill press and other metal machines such as a Drill press, an Aluminum mold and cutter as well as a metal puncher will aid in the fabrication of small box containers.

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