• OsciFlex Head-Unit

Controller system for timing and valve opening and pressure monitoring to prevent DVT.

  • OneLight FW Control

A system was placed for Dr. Brainard’s lab to run the backpanel firmware code for troubleshooting/feature addition purposes. The system to troubleshoot the OneLight uses a Microchip MPLAB ICD 3, the MPLAB IDE 8.92 and runs the FW code into the PIC16F877 device in the backpanel module. The firmware code now runs on a separate PC and it controls how the OneLight delivers the stimulus by controlling the DMD (Digital Mirror Device).

  • LED fast-blink project

Using Arduino, and SuperBright LEDs, this is the LED fast-blink project to stimulate mice for epilepsy research for Dr. Joshua Dunaief, University of Pennsylvania.

  • Monkey Reward Juice System  –  Design upgrade for Dr. Yale Cohen 

This monkey reward system had two diodes (one is the EMF diode for the valve coil) in the wrong position and a TI Driver DRV102T with a flag pin to trigger the overcurrent/undercurrent condition. Research and reverse engineer the design to determine root-cause and implemented a quick circuit hack to test it.

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